CM Mamata Wants To Gift Cow To State BJP Prez


Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee wants to gift cow to BJP state president Dilip Ghosh. Such statement has come from the Chief Minister herself on Thursday.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said this during the on going assembly session, aiming at the BJP MLA of Kharagpur Dilip Ghosh.

Meanwhile,curiosity has arise,why such statement has come from the CM for the BJP’s state president? According to the sources of Bengal Legislative Assembly, Dilip Ghosh raised the issue of fish production in, claiming that in the last 10 years the growth rate of fish production in Bengal has increased 20%. But in Andhra Pradesh, the growth rate is about 133%.So he advised the Mamata government to take lesson from Andhra’s infrastructure.

In respect to this Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee responded instead of the State Fisheries Minister Chandranath Sinha. She directly complained that BJP leaders do not know about the food habit of the people in Bengal. Not knowingly knowingly said Dilip Ghosh says this. So he advised the BJP’s state president to know about Bangla earlier.She claims that Dilip Ghosh is saying without any knowledge about Bengal. So she advised Ghosh first to know about Bengal first.

Beside this, the CM informed that the state government aims not to import fish from outside of the state. So the state government itself has started fish cultivation in the state. Chief Minister added that the situation is very good now.

And then CM Mamata was heard saying that she want to gift a cow to the BJP president of Bengal. Aiming at Ghosh she said, “The Prime Minister himself is gifting cow. We will also present cow and first of all we will gift the cow to you. “