CM Mamata Threatens To Leak Files Of Bharati Ghosh


Kolkata: CM Mamata Banerjee gave epic reply after Bharati Ghosh said that “Drag them out of their house and beat them like a dog” on Saturday. Mamata replied that, “If she breaks the limits, then I will lick SMS’s” of her.

On Saturday Mamata took part in the campaign rally at Ghatal for Dev. She said there, “Do not open my mouth. If I publish the SMS that you sent to me, then I do not have to say anything to the people.”

The chief minister added, “No, if we wanted then we could have arrested you in another cases. The Supreme Court forbade you to arrest only in one case. Apart from that case, many cases have come against you. We have politely allowed you to stand in the ballot. Do not talk about anything, which violates all limits. “

Chief Minister talked about files. Bharati addressed Mamta Banerjee as the mother of Jangalmahal. It was said that Bharati had given many secret reports of BJP leaders to the Chief Minister. The BJP candidate from Ghatal can get disquiet if leaked. So, the political analysts believe that Trinamool leaders are trying to capture Bharati, who are secretly handling those files.

Mamata questioned about the eligibility of the former IPS officer. Mamata continued that, “Bharati Ghosh is not eligible as candidate in Gram Sabha elections. He has now contested Lok Sabha polls against Dev. “

Bharati Ghosh, BJP candidate of Ghatal, warned TMC workers to beat them. Local TMC unit already filed complain to the EC. Election commission directed to give the footage of controversial remarks.

Few days ago, BJP supporters were injured in BJP-TMC clash at Keshpur. Bharati Ghosh visited the area to see the injured persons. Bharati Ghosh then said, “They have started excesses in the state. I will not take much time to seize them. We will get 1,000 boys from Uttar Pradesh. Drag them out of their house and beat them like a dog. “

After her comment, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee opened her mouth. Mamata warned of leaking various SMS during the service phase of Bharati Ghosh. Meanwhile, Trinamool Congress general secretary Partha Chatterjee has said that they already filed complain to the EC. Mr. Partha Chatterjee said, “What is all this? She herself is a former IPS officer. Still, what does that she say? We will complain against her in the Election Commission. “