CM Mamata Says Triple Talaq Bill Defective


Kolkata: Heavily attacking the BJP over divisive politics, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today said that the ruling party in the Centre is misguiding Muslim women.

“This defective Bill (on Triple Talaq) will not empower women, rather create victims. We are always in favour of women’s rights. We always extend a helping hand to women in distress,” she said.

Mamata Banerjee said, “We are the only party to have 33% female MPs, even without women’s reservation bill. We are here to protect women but we cannot interfere with religion. We have increased the duration of maternity leave. Everyone is free to follow their faith. The BJP is playing dirty politics.”

She said Bengal has always led the way in ushering social reforms. “Sati was declared illegal in Bengal. Widow remarriage was started in Bengal. Child marriage was made illegal in Bengal.

Bengal always stands for reforms. We do not believe in divisive agenda. BJP only wants to drive a wedge between people,” she commented.

She added, “We do not believe in BJP’s version of religious politics. We are not atheists like the CPI(M). We believe in Sarva Dharma Samannaya. We respect all religions equally. We worship Maa Durga, we also celebrate Eid. I attend the midnight mass on Christmas as well as attend the Gurpurab celebrations.”