CM Harish Rawat Summoned By CBI


Dehradun: Former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat has been summoned by the CBI or the Central Bureau of Investigation over a probe into a sting that purportedly shows him negotiating a money deal with journalist to buy the support of legislators who had revolted against him.

Mr Rawat will be examined on Monday. On Sunday, he virtually accepted his presence in the video but asserted that meeting a journalist was not a crime. He had so far been challenging the veracity of the CD, calling it “fake”.

“Is meeting a journalist a crime? If one of the MLAs who had not been technically disqualified by that time talked to me, how does it matter? Do we block any channels in politics?” Mr Rawat told reporters in Dehradun.

Claiming innocence, he added that if the CD contained evidence of him having made an offer in cash or kind in exchange for the support of disgruntled legislators, he was ready to be hanged in public.

“If any evidence is found against me like me offering money or post to anybody, hang me at Clock Tower,” he said. Clock Tower is a busy chowk in the heart of the town.

However, from what the former chief minister said it was clear that a meeting did take place between him and the journalist who made the sting CD.