Closure of Kolkata jute mill:800 workers out of work


Kolkata: Yet another case of closure of a jutemill grips the city. Padlocks were hung at the Kolkata jutemill located at the Narkeldanga area of the city. The incident has ripped off around 800 workers of their daily work.

On coming to work at the factory on Monday morning, the workers saw the suspension of notice hung at the gate of the jutemil. Not being able to digest the situation, the workers raised a protest at the area.

The owners of the mill claim that as the profit margin slided over the few days, they had to take this stern decision. On the other hand, the workers claim that the area of land of the jutemill has been given away for promoting. Amidst such a situation, the workers of the jutemill have taken the path of protest near the Swabhumi area of Kadapara.

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