Close Shave for Poorva Express, Cracks Traced on Railway Tracks


Burdwan: A major mishap was averted when fissures on railway tracks in Burdwan-Howrah cord line was detected on Sunday. The cracks were traced just before the Up Poorva express was to cross the area. The train has now been stationed at Jaugram railway station, railway officials said.

Railway authorities have rushed team to repair the damage and restoration is going on in war footing. The incident has forced delay on many trains plying the busy route. Almost every train plying on the Howrah-Burdwan cord line is affected.

The incident has highlighted utter negligence of the railway personnel as every line is inspected half an hour before any Express train is given a go ahead, but no inspection has been done before giving clearance to Poorva Express.

Luckily a team inspecting the down line noticed the cracks on the up line and informed the authorities just in time and averted a major mishap. Railway officials have launched an investigation on the matter and Howrah DRM has assured a quick investigation.