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Perplexed in selecting a restaurant for dinner? Cannot find a proper hospital which will provide you the best and the reasonable package? Looking for a computer education center or a school which will provide cultural support to your daughter? Well, the time for sweating over such questions are over.  The list extends from colleges to placement, hotels to hospitals, lawyers to laudry and much more.Keeping up with the time, kolkata24x7 has come up with the much needed ‘tips’that one needs to go through in order to find an answer to his/her queries from day to day affairs of life.

hotlist24x7_150x40You just need to type ‘ and‘to get into the world that opens to 20 thousand contact numbers from different fields of life. You can also register your contact number in the previously mentioned websites to offer services to the society. And its absolutely free! So, why waste time? Log on to the websites and explore this new world where will be able to get the answer of your query in a mere ‘click’!

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