Classmates Thrash 14-Year-Old, Victim Writhes In Pain


Kolkata: A 14-year-old boy is bed-ridden after getting beaten-up by his classmates of Dum Dum’s K.K. Hindu Vidyapith. The intensity of the pain is such that Debraj (the boy) is presently unable to speak.

According to the allegations put forward by Debraj’s family, on July 19, Debraj got involved in a quarrel with his classmates. The quarrel lead to a brawl and was beaten-up severely. They continuosly beat on the boy’s face and broke two of his teeth. He was rushed to the local hospital where he was discharged after primary treatment.

Debraj’s lips and face are swollen and is ridden on his bed. In spite of going to the Dum Dum police station, the cops did not accept their complaint, as said by Debraj’s family.

Debraj’s family have also accused the school of not taking any action against the two accused students Soumyajit Barui and Rajesh Pal. These students were accused of carrying knife to the school. However, both the boys have rejected all the allegations.

Debraj’s family also accused the school of not informing them after the incident occured.