Classical Music Can’t Be Forced On Kids: Amaan Ali


Mumbai: Sarod player Amaan Ali Bangash feels Indian classical music should not be forced upon children as it can become the reason for youth losing interest in the genre.

Amaan, son of sarod maestro Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, says forcing the music on young generation in the name of “saving our culture” makes children all the more rebellious about it.

“When you are forced to do something, you would want to run away from it more. They don’t teach you pop or Bollywood in school, but you do hear it. It is because it is not forced upon you. Indian classical music can’t be forced by saying ‘the interest in our culture will be lost’, it should not be done.

“To forcibly make kids listen to it for hours, make them practise it is not done. Then they become rebellious about the music,” Amaan reportedly told media.

The 39-year-old sarod player along with his brother Ayaan Ali have released their new album, “Journey- Rabab to Sarod”.

The musicians have collaborated with Rabab player Daud Khan Sadozai for the album, whose idea came initially when the duo performed with him recently.

“The intention was not to record an album, but just record something and keep it for our personal history that we played with rabab. But it came out so nicely that we said we have to make it into an album,” Amaan said.

The album, backed by Sa Re Ga Ma, includes 11 songs and one of them also features their father Amjad Ali.

For Ayaan, it is nothing short of a blessing to have his father play in their album.

“I am so blessed my father played a part in it as well. He is very progressive. He is open to doing all kinds of things. He is not rigid in his thinking.”

According to Ayaan, classical music does not follow a set pattern and contrary to what people think, it can be modern yet rooted.

“That’s what you learn from these people, that you need to have a window where you are open to change. There is no formula or rule book about how classical music should be presented. In order to be contemporary, you don’t have to murder tradition. You can be contemporary and be very traditional.”

The 37-year-old musician says even though he does a lot of “experimental work” with his brother, he does not want to be called a “new age artist.”

“I am a classical musician, I want to be known as one.

I have done experimental works, but my root stays. If you want to make a career out of classical music, you need the blessings of your guru.

“Journey of a classical music is gradual. Things don’t happen overnight. You have to make an equation with the audience and the music also involves with it. Your highs, lows, link ups, breaks up, everything you can hear in your music.

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