Classes In Colleges Under CU To Last 1 Hr


Kolkata: For students securing admission to undergraduate Honours courses in Calcutta University-affiliated colleges this year, each lecture may span an hour, instead of the current 45-minute session. The 60-minute classes are being considered to implement the choice-based-credit-system (CBCS) and semester exams.

“An one-hour theory class will accumulate one credit at the end of a week. The lecture for any course selected by a student will have to be held for an hour,” said the principal of a city college.

The CBCS system will also allow a BA or BSc Honours candidate to bag a degree without studying English as one of the compulsory languages over the six semesters in three years. “The Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC) are based upon a content that leads to knowledge enhancement. These are mandatory for all disciplines and have to be studied in the first and second semesters of Honours courses. Under AECC in semester 1, students can choose from Communicative English, Bengali, Hindi and Urdu. In the second semester, environmental studies is compulsory under AECC. Hence, a student can skip English during semester 1 AECC course,” the principal added. “But BA (general) course students have to appear for 100-mark English papers in semesters 3 and 6. This will put a tremendous pressure on them,” said a teacher.