Class IV Student ‘Slapped’ By Teacher, School Suspends Accused


Kolkata: A class IV student of St Stephen’s School, Dumdum was injured after she was allegedly slapped several times by her Mathematics teacher . The incident took place on Wednesday. A complaint with the Dumdum police station was lodged by the parents of the girl on Thursday. Coming under pressure from the guardians, the school suspended the accused mathematics teacher Piyush Malakar.

Richa Sarkar – the class IV student went to her school on Wednesday. During mathematics class, Malakar who had given the students a project to work found that Richa had made a mistake while writing her roll-number on the project paper. “The roll-number of my daughter is 34. However she had forgot to write 4. The teacher slapped my daughter repeatedly because of the minor mistake. Richa was also made to kneel down for almost 15 minutes after which she started feeling unwell in the school,” said Debabrata Sarkar father of the class IV girl, a resident of Nalta School Road in Dumdum.

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He added, “none of the teachers in school notice that Richa was feeling sick. When her mother went to the school to get her back home at 3:40pm, Richa complained that she was feeling unwell after being slapped several times. Immediately, her mother went to the school and confronted the accused teacher. She was unapologetic and claimed that she had slapped my daughter in a moment of rage. My wife has also met the teacher-in-charge who brushed aside all the allegations on Wednesday afternoon.”

The girl was then taken to Dumdum Municipal Hospital where she underwent initial treatment and was also kept under observation for two hours. “The doctors have asked me to take her back to the hospital if her health deteriorates. Since Wednesday night, Richa has high fever. She was already unwell and undergoing treatment when the incident took place. Now, her health has worsened,” alleged Sarkar. He also pointed out that the marks of slapping on her cheek are prominent.

On Thursday morning, Richa’s parents lodged a complaint with the local police station and also met the senior school authority on Jessore Road. “The teacher-in-charge has asked me to meet her on Friday at 10am and file a written complaint. A meeting has also been convened by the school to look into the matter,” added the father.

Teacher-in-charge of the school Sumita Singh on Thursday said, “we have suspended the accused teacher and the disciplinary committee will look into the complaint.”