Clashes Break Out Between Supporters At Junior Derby


Kolkata: Clashes broke out between supporters at the Mohunbagan field soon after the Junior derby (under-18 I-league) ended on Friday.

Soon after the junior Derby match ended, supporters of both the teams clashed against each other. It is being alleged that the clashes were the result of an alleged insult to the Mohunbagan’s flag.

The flag in question which led to the clash.

Questions are being raised as to why was the match held at Mohunbagan field instead of the decided venue. According to sources, at least 10-12 supporters were injured in the event. Mohunbagan lost to the match by 0-2.

According to Mohunbagan supporters, soon after the match ended, attempt to burn the Mohunbagan flag was made. However, the East Bengal supporters alleged that after losing  the match, the Bagan supporters tried chasing them with bamboo sticks.