Clashes Break Out At Islampur Over Panchayat Board


Raiganj: Clashes broke out in North Dinajpur’s Islampur on Sunday morning over the constitution a Panchayat board, thereby trigerring panic in the area. The clash broke out between TMC workers and the independent candidate and his followers over the selection of the Panchayat head in the number 2 gram panchayat.

The police rushed to the spot and resorted to lathi-charge and arrested 14 people linked to the incident. Few motor-bikes were seized too.

The nominated Panchayat hear Reji Begum’s husband was standing at a tea shop. At that time, some TMC workers got into a brawl allegedly with him. This led to a major clash leading to the ransacking of each of the group’s bikes. Both groups threw stones at each other.

The oppositions have alleged that it is the result of factional feud within the TMC party. However, the TMC party has rejected all such claims.