CK Bose Sticks To His ‘Gandhi-Goat Remark’


Kolkata: WB BJP vice president Chandra Kumar Bose, who is also the grandnephew of
Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, remained firm with his opinion on his Mahatma Gandhi- goat tweet.

Previously, Chandra Kumar Bose had tweeted that the Hindus should stop eating mutton as Mahatma Gandhi used to consider “goat as a mother”.

While speaking to news agency ANI, Bose said that, “One has to understand the subtlety of my tweet. The entire nation is shocked to see the kind of violence and lynchings that are taking place across the country. The responsibility of political parties and governments is to ensure that law and order is maintained. Mr Nehru (Jawahar Lal Nehru) and Mahatma Gandhi when they used to stay in our house, they used to have some specific demands. One such demand was to be given goat’s milk. So, my grandfather brought two goats and Gandhiji was served goats milk.”

He further advised people that one should also stop eating goat meat because Gandhi
Ji used to drink goat milk.

“If you attack people for consuming beef then you should also stop consuming goat because Mahatma Gandhi used to drink goat milk. And if you drink goats’ milk, you treat goat as your mother. Religion must not be mixed up with politics,” he added.