Civilian dies in police-smuggler shootout at Maldah


Maldah: A civilian was injured during a gun battle betqween police and smugglers at Ramkeli area under Maudipur village at Maldah near Bangladesh border.

As per the reports, two rival factions within the smuggling gang clashed with each other firing shots and hurling bomb on Saturday night. Police rushed to the spot to contain the situation and fired upon by the gang members.

A local was hit by a stray bullet during the gun fight and died later.

After the situation worsened RAF and additional forces rushed to the area. Police complained that the goons fired 10 rounds at then and seized arms and ammo from them.

Four people have been arrested after a night long raid by police. Police deployed heavily in the area to contain further escalation. Tension prevails in the area after the incident.

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