Civic Volunteers Served As Doctors At Govt Health Centre

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Suri: What if you live in a remote village, far from a hospital or have a hospital but with no doctors and nurses? This is heart-rending story of Bengal but this not news here. A little twist in this story. In this story a civic Volunteer serves as a doctor and measured patient’s pressure. This heart-rending news captured in Kolkata24x7 camera on Friday.

সরকারি স্বাস্থ্যকেন্দ্রে চিকিৎসকের দায়িত্ব সামলাচ্ছেন সিভিক ভলানটিয়ার

We all know that Doctors served as God in earth. Each and every patients are dependent upon them. But recently all are very much hurt with the services of doctors, hospital and nurses. Now the service changed into money taking policy. If this things continue, then where we will go? This is the million dollar question now.

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It is a story of Lokpur primary health centre of West Bengal’s Birbhum. Nearly four thousands people of seven villages are dependent on this health centre. The health centre has been running with one doctor and one pharmacist since many years. But they do not served their duty properly. So two civic volunteer who guarded the health centre turned into doctors.

The health centre’s condition is now totally poor. No electricity, no bed, no window even if no equipment’s turned this health centre into a ‘Ghost Dera’. There is no other health centre in this area so everyday hundreds patient come here for treatment. So the so called doctor trained civic volunteers and said to served the people as he is not going to manage every patient.

All people are very much in anger but they can not express it just because of no other health centre in this area. According to health officer Dr.Prasun Kumar Das said denied all allegation and said that due to pressure we trained them for giving better treatment.