Civic Volunteers’ Salaries Hiked, Retirement Age Limit Increased


Kolkata: In what comes as a good news for the civic volunteers, their salaries are
going to be increased by the upcoming Pujas.

According to the state secretariat, the salaries of civic volunteers will be
increased by three thousand rupees which comes as a major surprise to the civic
volunteers. Apart from this, the retirement age of the government nurses have been
raised too.

The civic volunteers play a major role in the roads. They are seen handling traffic
efficiently whereas the traffic police are seen sitting nearby. It was in news that
their salaries will be increased. It has been announced finally that the salaries
will be raised from five thousand to eight thousand. According to Nabanna, they
will receive their increased salaries from October.

The nurses had retired at 60 years of age. But the retirement age has been
increased by 2 years. Hence, they will be able to retire at 62 years of age.

There were complications in the recruitment of civic police. Nabanna used to
receive several news of corruption from several districts. The issue also moved to
the Calcutta High Court.