Civic Volunteers Getting Ready For Election Duty


Suri: Around 1.3 lakh civic volunteers will be used in the rural polls, police sources have said, prompting Opposition claims that the deployment of the “political recruits” would benefit Trinamool.

The police brass has approved a set of uniforms – dark blue trousers and light blue bush shirts – for the volunteers.

The uniform will also have a metal shoulder badge with WBCV – West Bengal Civic Volunteer – written on it and a logo on the right arm. A volunteer will also have a dark blue lanyard with a whistle and black belt.

The uniform was finalised at a meeting on March 23 chaired by director-general of state police Surajit Kar Purakayastha. Opposition leaders said the decision on uniforms was taken with an eye on the rural polls.

Police sources said, there were 46,000 armed police personnel in the districts, a number not sufficient to cover all booths.

Civic volunteers had no specific uniform so far and used to be deployed on traffic duty mainly wearing white T-shirts with ‘civic volunteer’ written on it.