City Water-Logged After Rain For Two Hours


Kolkata: The city was water-logged after it rained continuously for almost two hours. Several parts of the city is water logged. They include College Street, Thanthaniya Kalibari, Amherst Street of North Kolkata. Apart from these, Writers’ building, Mahatma Gandhi Road, CR Avenue, Muktaram Babu Street, Manicktala, Dhapa, Ultadanga, Pamar bridge, Ballyguange, Meminpur, Kalighat and Chetla are water logged at the moment.

The situation is worse in case of several under-passes. Sector V is also water- logged. As a result, transport services are also disrupted.

According to Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC), the amount of rain received till 3 pm are:

Manicktala 30 mm
Birpara 5 mm
Belgachia 14 mm
Dhapa 46 mm
Topsia 4 mm
Ultadanga 30 mm
Pamar bridge 50 mm
Thanthaniya 46 mm
Ballyguange 57 mm
Mominpur 28 mm
Chetla 24 mm
Jodhpur 27 mm
Kalighat 35 mm
Jinjira Bazaar 15 mm

The MeT office at alipore has forecasted heavy rainfall on Monday. The KMC officials are working to bring down the water-log levels.