The City With A ‘Sweet’ Soul : Dashami Preparation

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Priyanka Dutta, Kolkata: As soon as Durga Puja ends, two lovely words of “Subho Bijoya” can be heard in every corners of Kolkata. You may also call it a Puja hangover, but whatever you say, it’s more like a festival in almost every household’s of the city. Food is also the most important part of every festival in India. And Kolkata is the only food and sweets paradise.

Bijoya starts after the end of Durga Puja and it lasts till the onset of Diwali and Kali Puja. During this period, people greet each other, “Subho Bijoya” or “Happy Vijaya” and offer them some special sweets and deserts. So it’s more about a festival of food and happiness. And Kolkata being the sweetest destinations of India, simply offers some of the special sweet items during this sweet festive season.

So let’s go through some of the sweet dishes of Kolkata which makes this festival more sweet and glorious!

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1. Rosogulla
How a festival of Bengal goes without its best creation, rosogulla? One of the most iconic sweets of Kolkata, is now also the symbol of Bengal’s sweets and deserts. This lovely spongy sweet dumplings dipped in sweet sugary syrup simply makes it one of the most loved sweets in entire Bengal!

2. Mishti Doi
After rosogulla, mishti doi is one of the most loved items of Bengal. Freshly prepared from condensed milk and sugar, this yummy desert can make you feel heaven only after its first bite. This sweet curd of Bengal is one of the most loved items across the world. And nowadays, mishti doi is also available in yummy mango flavour, so try it out and get lost in its world of sweet magic!

3. Narkeler Nadu
Bijoya Dashami is incomplete without this sweet and simple coconut ladoo! During this season, it’s one of the most favourite items of Kolkata and it is prepared in almost every household’s of the city. Made from fresh coconuts and jaggery, this sweet ladoo can make you go crazy. But to experience its rich taste you should have a friendly Bengali neighbour, as it tastes best when made with dollops of sweetness and love!

4. Sarbhaja
For all the admirers of something fried and sweet, Sarbhaja is your perfect choice. Some sweet malai of condensed milk is deeply fried and then dipped in sugar syrup to produce this sweet and glorious number. First have it and then fall for it!

5. Darbesh
A special ladoo born in Bengal to enthral the entire country! This Bengali style of Boondi Ladoo is extremely popular and is available in almost every sweet shops of Bengal!

6. Kheer Kadam
One of the most loved sweets of Bijoya Dashami! If you haven’t had Kheer Kadam, then you had nothing. It’s made of two beautiful layers, the first layer is made of khoya and powdered sugar and the second one consist of a small soft rosogulla. Just try it to enjoy its sweet delicacy!

7. Sita Bhog
Sweet vermicelli along with some small gulab jamuns simply makes this ever popular sweet dish of Bengal. One of the most amazing sweet dishes of our country, if its looks can make you go for it, then its taste will only make you ask for more!