City Mart outlet in Esplanade catches fire, Army help refused

Pic: Mitul Das

Kolkata: Fire has broken out in the City Mart outlet at Esplanade in Kolkata opposite New Market. 30 Fire engines have rushed to the spot. Black smokes have engulfed the store and the fire officials have said that it would take some time to bring the fire under control. They are looking if anybody is stuck inside the store till now. Since it is a Sunday the number of customers in the store were less. One of the fire fighters have fallen ill despite entering the store with mask.

Till now the fire has not been brought under control. The fire fighters have not been able to enter the building and are trying to bring the fire under control from outside.

6:30 Pm Update

Fire Brigade Director GP Ghosh has said that the fire at City Mart has almost been brought under control. He said that flames are still burning at some places but there is nothing to worry now.

5:37 Pm Update

The Army was sent off by the Fire Brigade when they came to assist the fire brigade officers in dousing the flames. The Army officers who arrived at the spot were equipped with latest fire fighting equipment but the fire fighters refused to take their help. There was also an altercation between the Army officers and the Fire Brigade officials following which the Army left the spot.

3:20 Pm Update

The fire has spread to the main store room containing clothes and is slowly going out of the hands. Sky ladders have been pressed into service. Two hours have passed by since the fire broke out in the outlet. Till now fire has not been brought under control which has spread anxiety in the minds of the fire fighters. Eight More fire engines have been pressed into service taking the number of engines to 30.

3:00 Pm Update

Kolkata Mayor Shovan Chatterjee who is also present at the spot has said that the Sky ladders have been pressed into service and the fire brigade officials are tirelessly working to bring the fire under control which will be achieved shortly.

2:20 Pm Update

Fire and Emergency Services Minister Javed Khan, who has reached the spot and is supervising the entire operation has said that fire is rapidly spreading in the outlet due to the presence of clothes in the outlet. the reason for the fire will be looked into when the fire is brought under control.

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