Citizen Journalists: Watchdogs Of Truth


News bears a striking resemblance to energy. Just as energy can’t be created but only transferred to other form, news can’t also be fabricated, can only be transmitted. Media organisations are harbingers of such happenings. But why only the media will serve as the messengers? It is the time when the baton needs to passed on to the common people. The bridge needs to be narrowed down.

On the auspicious occasion of the second anniversary of Kolkata 24×7-English, we launch a new segment to engage our regular readers and viewers in the process of delivering news. This arena will primarily focus on the ground zero reports that go unnoticed by the mainstream media.

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Citizen Journalist, the name says it all. You always needn’t have expertise but a certain apprehension of the events happening around you. Be it the slightest of fact, but if it concerns the mass and you feel that needs to reported, we are here to assist you for the same.

Sometimes, all you need is a voice or a platform. Even in the far-fledged corners of the state or the country, any form of misdeeds or noble deeds occurs. Malpractices or traditional practices, violence or abuse in any form, humanitarian causes or economic hassles- the public can channelize their opinions and report to us. If newsworthy, it will surely find a place in our site.

For instance, recalling an incident from a tiny hamlet in Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore, we can shed some light on the utility of citizen journalism. The village had lost most of its male members to alcoholism. Years of protest and appeals were not heeded by the government. But the government lost the battle to a revolutionary move by the young widows of the villages. They went on a strike to close down the local liquor shop, in which they eventually succeeded.  This outcry against alcoholism headed by a young widow didn’t make it to the headlines. All because, media can’t always possibly, plant a reporter in every nook and corner of the country. So to ease the process without hindrance, a villager can don the role of a citizen journalist and make the big win public.

It is a grievance redresser but at the same time inculcates emerging concerns. So if you come across any such circumstance that urges you to unveil and bring it to the broad daylight, you are no more deprived of any power.

Grab your mobiles and report it to us via Whatsapp on the number 9674175001. You can shoot a video, take snapshots or write a word by word account. Validated and updated news will surely be conveyed.

We will be looking forward to your inputs soon.