Citizen Forum’s Initiative For a Fare Poll


Biddhannagar: The Safe Democracy Citizens Forum has taken an initiative to raise awareness among voters about their right to vote. They have been visiting each and every household, in the area, to educate every voter about the ways to shed all their fears regarding their casting of votes.

The main focus of the members of the forum is to ensure that every voter can go to the polling booth without any fear and must immediately protest if they notice any outsider in the polling booth. This initiative is also directed towards the senior citizens.

Forum’s Convenor,ShibeshDubey, said that in the last elections, many voters from the Salt Lake areacould not vote. The meetings and rallies organised by the forum members is to ensure that such an incident of rigging is not repeated. The outsiders were found everywhere in the last election, six months ago.

Several similar committees have also extended their hands to help the citizens by raising awareness about their votes and voting rights. They have put up several hoardings in many places. Their simple message to every voter is that last time those who could not cast their vote must be able to cast their vote this year.

SayanAcharya, a member of such a committee called “Bibek” said that their focus is to ensure that every voter is able to cast their vote this year. He added that along with putting up hoarding, they have also taken the initiative to visit every household and aware them about their voting rights; and should protest if they see any outsider.