CISCE Schools Set To Organize Counselling Workshop

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Kolkata: All schools affiliated to CISCE have been asked to make compulsory participation in a counselling workshop on Saturday. Counselling can offer a space to talk and think about problems and difficulties, and many people find it helpful to be able to do this with someone who is not a friend or family member.

Counsellors are not the same as doctors and psychiatrists, and cannot prescribe medication. Counselling is not about giving advice, but can help you understand difficulties. The session conducted by the Association of Schools for the Indian School Certificate in Bengal will be attended by three senior students of around 225 schools along with a mentor teacher. The decision to hold a day-long workshop was taken following several untoward incidents on campuses across the country in the recent past.

The association, however, has left out the schools from North Bengal due to distance. A separate session will soon be held for those schools in Darjeeliing, Kalimpong, Kurseong, both North and South Dinajpur and for the northeastern states in Siliguri.

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“The workshop has become extremely essential because we are morally responsible for giving a good education and a proper upbringing of every child studying in our board,” said Sujoy Biswas, principal of Rammohan Mission School and also the president of ASISC.

The principals’ body was also worried about the recent spate of misuse of online gaming identified among students resulting in deaths. The incident at Ryan International School in Gurugram has also shocked the nation.

“We have invited several professional counsellors to discuss the different aspects of children’s psychology — their loneliness and the shift from playing outdoor games to reliance on internet and mobile gaming. The ill effects of these will be told to the students. We will also discuss the safety aspects of children in schools,” he added.

The association plans to urge installing of CCTVs on campuses and on school buses, using of GPS in school buses and stopping entry of outsiders without proper authorization. The participants will be asked to convey the message to other students and the school management.