CID To Probe Temple Burglary Incident In Birbhum


Suri: Crime Investigation Department (CID) will investigate the twin temple burglary incident that took place in Sadaipur of Birbhum district on Wednesday midnight.

A delegation team of CID has visited to Chinpai village of Sadaipur on Friday. They had a talk with the villagers reagrding the incident. They took a tour to both the temples and collected samples from the temple area.

Birbhum District Police has already detained ten suspected in connection to the incident. Police trying to come up with some informations by interrogating them. Now CID will interrogate them. They can be arrested by CID if necessary. The investigator did not say anything specific that can shape the incident.

The villagers of Chintai village are breathing after handing the investigaton charge to CID. There was a Bhai Phonta programme that took place in temple premises. People expressed their grief after seeing the deity without any ornaments. The villagers strictly wants to get back all the lost gold ornaments.