CID Shields Officials Over Missing TET Q Papers


Kolkata: The CID which is probing the TET question paper disappearance case has ruled out any foul play and said that the incident is a mere accident. The opposition had earlier claimed that the incident was orchestrated by some elements of ruling Trinamool government and a section of education department too is involved.

The CID shielding the government has clearly stated that no theft or sabotage has been found and the bundle of paper went missing due to an accident. The agency said that a bundle of question paper might have dropped off the bus due to the murky road, it was travelling.

The theory is however sounds hollow as two police personnel were present on the bus and it was unlikely that the incident would have gone unnoticed. The CCTV footages have clearly showed that the West Bengal Secondary Council of Education (WBCE) office had loaded the bus with 154 bundles of question paper.