CID Interrogates Raju In Search Of More Properties In Foreign


Kolkata: A marathon questioning process of CID, continues with MAV Raju in search of more secret assets of Bharati Ghosh. Intelligence officials have called Ghosh husband at Bhabani Bhavan on a repeated interrogation.The process took the entire day followed by a facet of questions to bring out several points regarding the issue.He was devastated by the rigorous action. But he did not open his mouth in front of the media on this.

According to a CID official,” we have seized total amount of 6 crore by raiding in several properties all around West Bengal.” The way Bharati took to extort money indicates there is a high chance of hiding some illegal properties in foreign.

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Official added on the interrogation, ” it seems unusual that Bharati Ghosh is having properties and it is not known to his husband as most of the property holds a joint ownership.”

রাজ্যের বাইরে ভারতীর লুকানো সম্পত্তির খোঁজে রাজুকে ফের জেরা গোয়েন্দাদের

According to CID source, they are investigating on several cases like the extortion case of a jeweler of Daspur in West Midnapore and 45 lacs from a cow dealer.

Five police officers have been arrested in regards of the case. Debashish Das, one of the closest of Bharati Ghosh has been arrested lat week from Jhargram. The judge of Ghatal court has took the private confession of Debashish Das. Previously he took the private confessions of another two arrested police officers regarding the same case.