CID grills 5 arresrted in Ludhiana: Ranaghat case


Kolkata: The Bengal CID after reaching Ludhiana on Wednesday is grilling the four suspect arrested by Punjab police. The Punjab police had earlier taken the help of a few Bengali students from Punjab Agricultural University.

The arrested have been in regular contact with the main accused of Ranaghat case, Gopal Sarkar. The five Bangladeshis named as Salim, Habibul, Jeenat, Aslam and Sohail were located by the police following a lead from Salim who was earlier arrested from Mumbai.

Punjab police located the culprits by tracking their mobile tower location.

Following a tip off a team led by Ludhiana police commissioner posing as an auto driver and his team as passengers rounded up a house at the Jodhbal area in Ludhiana and apprehended the culprits. The interrogation is going on at the Ludhiana police headquarters.

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