Choose Right Sunglasses For Summer


Proper eye care is very important to protect your eyes from harmful UV sun rays which can damage the skin around the eyes, including the eyelids, and make them vulnerable to wrinkles, burning sensation and dark circles. A high-quality pair of sunglasses, along with daily eye care, can help, suggest experts.

Tip 1: Check the level of UV Protection.

Go for 100% UV Protection each and every day. Your eyes demand 100% UV Protection, so don’t skimp in this area.


Tip 2: Bigger lenses are better.

Thankfully oversized glasses have made a massive comeback over the last few years and the trend isn’t going anywhere. The beauty behind oversized sunglasses is that they cover more real estate on the face. This means, you’re getting full protection of your eyes and surrounding face (if you are opting for the advised 100% UV protection). Oversized glasses provide added coverage that can even help prevent wrinkles.

Tip 3: Darker lenses don’t protect your eyes better.

Don’t be fooled by tint. You can also prefer the tips number 1. Check the label, choose 100% UV protection.


Choosing the best pair of sunglasses is very important for everyone, with the appropriate protections, one can also keep their eyes clear and healthy in this summer, with the added benefit of wrinkle prevention around the eyes.

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