Chittoor encounter: Tamil Nadu govt announces 3 lakh compensation


Chennai: The Tamil Nadu Government has announced a compensation of three lakhs for the families of the people killed in Chittoor encounter.

On the other hand several political parties in Tamil Nadu including the DMK, MDMK and the PMK has condemned the encounter saying that the illegal woodcutters were actually daily wage workers employed by red Sandle smugglers.

Human rights violations have been alleged by the human rights activists who are protesting against the encounter. Nearly 100 activists gathered on Tuesday demanding action against the police personnel involved in the attack. They have demanded a judicial enquiry into the incident by a Supreme Court Judge.

Adequate compensation for the family members of the victims of the encounter has been demanded by the activists. Most of the victims were from various places of Tamil Nadu including Tiruvanamalai, Vellore and Salem.

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