Chinese Man Declares Love With Bouquet Made Of 10,000 Currency Notes


Beijing: Men have different ways of proposing to the women they love and while some believe in simplicity others believe in being lavish with a dinner and other activities.

A Chinese man took his relationship to the next level by proposing to his girlfriend with a bouquet; interestingly made out of notes and definitely held much more value than anything else he could have given her.

According to a media report, the Chinese man told the florist to make the unusual bouquet with rolled currency notes shaped like flowers on the day he was going to propose to her. The man handed the bouquet to his girlfriend in order to start the year of the rooster “right”. He went to the florist with a bag of 10,000 yuan (approximately 97,000) on 13th February as he wanted to give her a ‘real’ gift.

The pictures of the bouquet have gone viral in China and now all over the world. While many have criticised him for wasting money, it looks like it worked out well for him in the end.

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