Chinese Hackers Spying on INS Vikrant, INS Vikramaditya: Reports


New Delhi: With India trying to increase its presence in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, cybersecurity experts have warned that Chinese hackers have set their eyes on the country’s aircraft carriers – INS Vikrant and INS Vikramaditya.

As per a report in a leading national daily, the Chinese hackers are closely following the movements of the Indian aircraft carriers, especially in the South China Sea.

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These hackers, claims report, are also attempting to crack cyber-security codes to extract confidential information regarding India’s military preparedness.

The cyber security experts have also warned that these China-based hackers have also been targeting Tibetan exile groups in India, which Beijing views as a threat for past several years.

Citing a sensational report from cyber security firm Fire Eye, the experts say that an advanced team of Chienese hackers has been zeroing in on vital Indian organisations to steal information related to Indo-China border disputes and Tibetan exile groups.

The group termed as APT30 touted to be longest-running advanced threat groups, possibly tapped classified government networks and other networks inaccessible from a standard Internet connection, according to a report by FireEye.

The Chinese hackers have set their eyes on the Southeast Asian region, with a focus on governmental, diplomatic, scientific and educational organisations, the report said.

Beijing has viewed Tibetan groups in India with suspicion ever since the Dalai Lama fled China in 1959 to establish the Central Tibetan Administration, more commonly known as the Tibetan government-in-exile, in Dharamsala.

China has previously been accused of spying on Tibetan organisations overseas in an apparent attempt to stave off future unrest at home. However, China has always denied involvement in such operations.