Chinese Foreign Minister Meets PM Narendra Modi

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New Delhi: Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who is on a three-day visit in Delhi, met Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his residence on Saturday. As he arrived on Friday night, Beijing recommended that India and China should “keep their disagreements in check.”

State-run news agency Xinhua also firmly reiterated that India must stop blaming China for its failed attempt in June to enter the Nuclear Suppliers Group or NSG, which groups 48 countries who trade in sophisticated nuclear technology and material.

After first stating that “one country” had blocked India’s membership, India directly named China and Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj told parliament that the government plans to continue engaging with Beijing to win its support.

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A few days ago, state-run media in China warned India not to. “New Delhi should not be downhearted as the door to the NSG is not tightly closed,” said Xinhua on Friday, even as it repeated that the nuclear group should not be open to country that has not signed the main global arms control pact, the Non-Proliferation Treaty or NPT. India is not a signatory to the agreement.

Xinhua did not mention whether China’s Foreign Minister will suggest any workarounds for India. On Tuesday, a state-run newspaper in China warned India not to seek explanations for Beijing’s claims to the disputed South China Sea, which were recently rejected by an international tribunal.  China has rejected that verdict.

“Given that the South China Sea correlates with China’s vital national interests, it is hoped that India would fully comprehend Beijing’s concerns, “Xinhua’s commentary said on Friday.

In addition to valuable natural resources, the South China Sea provides passage for goods worth 5 trillion dollars a year, making it strategically and economically crucial.