Chinese Charger Kills Youth in Lucknow

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Lucknow: Chinese electronic goods have conquered the Indian market with a ‘Blitzkrieg’ dwelling on the cheap offer prices of the commodity, but in an attempt to reduce the cost of production security has been compromised severely.

The grim fact has again been highlighted after graduation student lost his life on Tuesday after he got stuck to his mobile charger while charging his mobile phone.

The incident took place in Kakori locality of Lucknow where the deceased man Saurabh Pandey used to reside in a rented accommodation along with his mother. According to neighbors, some construction work was taking place in the first floor of the house due to which the walls of the rooms were moist.

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 "The original charger of the phone was lost a few days ago after which Saurabh bought a Chinese charger. The walls of his room were moist and he told us a couple of days ago that there was some kind of sensation in the new charger when he used to hold the phone", Saurabh's friend Abhishek said.

On Tuesday, he got stuck to the wire of the charger while removing the phone from the charger.

"I rushed to the room after hearing him screaming, only to find him lying on the floor. The wire was stuck to his hand and I removed it somehow with the help of a broom," Saurabh's mother Usha said.

The neighbors rushed an unconscious Saurabh to a hospital where he was declared broug