Chinese Actress & Her Daughter Look Like Twin Sisters


Beijing: An age-defying actress has amazed the internet because people think she and her daughter look like sisters.

Yan Ni, from China, and her daughter Zou Yuanqing made a rare public appearance together in Beijing this week.

The 5ft7in film star, who could easily be mistaken for a young woman in her 20s, has left the public begging for her secrets of staying youthful.

Many think Ms Yan looks younger and younger as she ages – despite having a grown-up child

Chinese actress Yan Ni has stunned the public after appearing with her daughter. People think the age-defying film star and her daughter look so alike as if they were sisters.

Ms Yan, 47, and Ms Zou, 20, walked the red carpet at the 8th Beijing International Film Festival. They were there to promote their new film ‘I am your mom’, in which they play mother and daughter.

Born in 1971 in the ancient Chinese capital of Xi’an, Ms Yan was recruited to be an entertainment soldier in 1990 before becoming a theatre actress in 1994.

She shot to fame in 2006 aged 34 after starring in a popular period sitcom ‘My Own Swordsman’.

After this week’s pictures of Ms Yan and her daughter were released by the press, the Chinese people were stunned by her incredibly youthful looks.

On Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, commentators said the pair look more like siblings than mother and daughter.

One such user wrote: ‘The mother and the daughter are both very pretty. Yan Ni has looked after herself well. They look like two sisters.’

Other people said Ms Yan looks younger and younger as she ages, such as this fan who posted: ‘Yan Ni is prettier and prettier, younger and younger as she grows older and older.’