China’s PLA Rocket Force Conducts Drills For Its “Sky Sword” Missile Program


Beijing: A video published by the Global times shows China’s PLA Rocket Force recently conducting a series of drills for its “Sky Sword” missile program, which saw dozens of launched projectiles all hitting their targets. After North Korea denuclearization. China is showing there defence power through these China’s PLA Rocket Force in their series of drills for it’s “Sky Sword”.

What is “Sky Sword”?

Sky Sword are a series of air-to-air missile systems developed by the Chungshan Institute of Science and Technology in Taiwan for the Republic of China Air Force.Sky sword 1 (TC-1) missile was developed in the mid-1980s and revealed in May 1986, as Taiwan’s first indigenous air-to-air missile.

Sky Sword II is a medium-range, radar guided air-to-air missile. It has an inertial navigation system, a data-link for mid-course guidance and active radar homing for terminal guidance, beyond visual range. It also has ECCM capability and can engage multiple targets.

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