China Crackdown Muslim Minority


Beijing: In a bid to stop growing ‘Islamic terrorism’ in the country, muslim community is allegedly being whisked off and detained in state owned ‘indoctrination centers’, the Associated Press (AP) mentioned in its reports. The mass disappearance of ‘Uighur Muslims’ had created fears and doubts among the minority community in China.

Inhabited by 10 million Turkic speaking Uighurs, Xinjiang’s Uighur Autonomous Region now resembles a police state, with foot patrols, armored vehicles and round-the-clock surveillance tracking their every move. The Chinese government had adopted ‘strike hard’ campaign in wake of series of attacks carried out by Uighur separatists. The Communist party has banned fasting during Ramzan, forbidden Azaan in state-sanctioned mosques, prohibited long beards and Islamic headwear and restricted use of the Turkic language.

The Communist Party has denied allegations of religious discrimination, instead pointing to decades of economic investment in Xinjiang and concerted efforts, such as preferential college admissions, to bring the Uighur population into the mainstream.

It is a well known fact the the separatists Uighur community is fighting along with Taliban, Al Qayda and have even joined the ranks of ISIS. However, there is no concrete evidence of feorign terrorism against the state which would warrant the crackdown on muslims.

China is known to have a soft corner towards it’s all time all Pakistan and nurturing terrorist groups like Al-Qayda, JeM and the Haqqani network. China has repeatedly blocked India and US move to declare Jaish-E-Muhammad chief Masood Azhar as global terrorist. This move of China could have greater implications than what it is meant to be.