China’s Brand New Su-35 Fighters For Top Gun-Style Test Flight


Beijing: Russia completed the delivery of the last batch of five Sukhoi Su-35 multirole air superiority fighters to China last month, with Washington slapping Beijing with sanctions over its purchase of Russian military hardware, including the Su-35s, in September.

China Central Television has released footage of the People’s Liberation Army Air Force’s training using its new Su-35 fighters, showing the planes taking off, flying in formation, engaging in breakneck maneuvers and attacking mock targets.

The aircraft are now based with the Sixth Aviation Brigade in Suji, Guangdong province, southeastern China.

China purchased two dozen Su-35 fighters from Russia for $2.5 billion in late 2015, with delivery of the planes completed in November. China became the first foreign customer of the Russian 4++ generation fighter, and has already been seen deploying its Su-35s on patrol missions in the South China Sea.