China To Hold Dictatorship, Jinping President Forever


Beijing: The path of becoming the life-long president became clear for the current president of China. Now onwards Xi Jinping will be the life-long president of China.

Xi. Jinping can be the permanent president of the revised constitution. It is known that on Sunday China has removed the tenure of president and vice-president. In addition, the shadow of the dictatorship is visible in socialist China of Mao Tse Tung.

একনায়কতন্ত্রের পথে চিন, আজীবন প্রেসিডেন্ট জিংপিং

According to the new rules, the Jinping will be the president for a life-time. As the position of Prime Minister does not hold that much of power, Xi. Jinping will be the center power of Chinese Communist Party forever.

Since 2012, Jinping has been in power and his retirement had been scheduled in 2023. But before that the whole situation changed completely due to the amendment of the constitution. For the lifetime selection of Jinping, a voting system had been casted where 2958 voted among 3000.

A bill has passed on Sunday which has omitted the tenure of President. As a result of the amended bill, the current President Jinping is getting the chance to be the lifetime president.


Jinping was elected as president of China in 2012. He is the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the country. Jinping has now taken the central leadership’s position to secure China’s position in the world as a strong country with reports of various international media. Allegedly, many dissenting supporters have been taken to jail in his anti-corruption campaign.