China stresses on ‘Code of Conduct’ on LAC


Beijing: Rather than merely conducting a process focused on clarifying the Line of Actual Control (LAC) as suggested by India, China on Wednesday said that it was in favour of a ‘code of conduct’ along the border with India, to build trust along the boundary.

During his May 14-16 visit to China, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for both sides to resume the stalled process of clarifying the LAC to prevent incidents and stand-offs along the more than 3,488 km-long disputed border.

China, for its part, has not been keen on the process, citing wide differences in perceptions as one reason behind the deadlock on LAC clarification following a failed exchange of maps in 2005.

“Our position is we should seek some kind of comprehensive measures, not only one measure to control management of the border and ensure peace and tranquility, say, a code of conduct,” said the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Deputy Director General for Asian Affairs, Huang Xilian, who is Beijing’s “point man” on India.

In an interaction with a group of visiting Indian media and scholars, Huang called for both sides “to try and reach agreement on a code of conduct” and “seek a comprehensive approach”.

Huang also revealed why China was somewhat apprehensive about resuming the clarification process, saying that the earlier attempt involving exchange of maps had only “complicated”, rather than helped resolve, differences.

Recently India has witnessed several incursion by the Red army across the border. Tension is also brewing with Chinese expansionist activities in the South China sea.

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