China Honeytrapes Indian Military Officers With New Vigour


New Delhi: China is bound to be a threat to India in the years to come. India seems to be modernising its military and its nuclear capabilities keeping an eye on China. India’s declared policy is of nuclear deterrence and no first strike. However, the modernisation program, particularly the ballistic missiles program, shows that India is intent on bringing the whole of China in its strike range.

Indian intelligence agencies have sounded an alarm over increasing attempts by Chinese agencies to honeytrap Indian officers using attractive women. China’s attempt is to paralised the Indian Army but agencies keep eye on such things.

Intelligence agencies have issued a warning to officers to be alert of such attempts. Good looking women Chinese origin speaking fluent English has been deployed to lay trap for Indian officers.

Reports also said that internet habits of Indian officers are also being tracked by foreign intelligence agencies. Officers using smartphones of Chinese origin are particularly under their radar.

Those visiting porn sites or looking to make friendship with women using social media are being monitored closely. The investigation has also revealed that the hackers, suspected to be from Pakistan or China, would ‘make friends’ with officer or with other members on his friend list to extract details of their location. Unfortunately, despite heightened vigilance, the lure of the devil seems to be too irresistible, at least for some.’

After the target is carefully selected, English speaking Chinese female makes first contact with their target through WhatsApp or Facebook.

The woman then lures the officer using Urdu shayri or flowery Hindi. After a few days of cajoling over the phone, the woman sets up a meeting at a coffee shop, restaurant or shopping mall with the target.

In the very first meeting, the woman entices the officer with offering him sexual favour. The act is secretly videotaped. The covert courtship continues for a few days with the woman claiming to be a rich, lonely and unsatisfied housewife.

The woman then uses the video tape of her intimate interaction to blackmail the officer and garner critical information from him about the armed forces.

To counter espionage attacks, the defence forces already have a guideline in place that urges all its officials to be circumspect and not reveal their service identity while online or on any social networking sites. The security agencies are also keeping a tab on close to 2,000 retired and serving officers who are deemed as susceptible to influences and are likely to pass information for money or other favours.