China Comes Up With Vertical Forests For Tackling Air Pollution


Beijing: Pollution has been a pressing issue all across the world and especially in India and China in recent years with Delhi and Beijing being some of the worst hit cities when it comes to air pollution. The gravity of the situation was evident when both cities were choked by toxic smog last year.

With schemes like odd even and other measures still struggling to make a difference in Delhi, China seems to have found an answer by turning to nature and is known to be building Asia’s first vertical forest. The buildings will be 656 ft and 354 ft high, and 1000 trees along with 2500 shrubs will be adorning the breathtaking design.

The structure will result in giving out around 60 kilos of oxygen everyday and may prove to be a major step in bringing down air pollution to allow people to breathe free. The project is slated to be completed by 2018.

The forests are designed by Stefano Boeri, who has also created the vertical gardens that were unveiled in Milan in 2014.