China Boating Disasters Killed 10


Beijing: Chinese authorities say eight people are missing and 10 confirmed dead in a pair of recent boating disasters. The most recent incident occurred on Thursday afternoon when a dragon boat taking part in a traditional festival race in the eastern province of Fujian capsized on the famed Minjiang river with 36 people onboard.

As of Friday, all but three have been rescued, with more than 160 people and eight boats taking part in the effort, according to the provincial government rescue service.

China has sought to step up safety surrounding nationwide dragon boat racing on the Duanwu festival that falls near the summer solstice and commemorates the death of the poet and minister Qu Yuan in the third century BC.

Divers meanwhile retrieved the bodies of six people from Bailong lake in Sichuan province, bringing the death toll in that June 4 accident to 10 with five still missing.

The capsizing of the tourist pleasure boat with 18 people on board was blamed on a sudden storm that stirred up unusually large waves.