China Calls For Indo-Pak Restraint Of Tension


Beijing:  Expressing concern over the “continuous confrontation and tensions” between India and Pakistan, China on Friday called on both parties to exercise restraint and refrain from escalation of tensions.

“As a shared neighbour and friend to both India and Pakistan we are concerned about continuous confrontation and tensions between India and Pakistan,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Sheung told media briefing on Friday.

“We call on all relevant parties to exercise restraint and refrain from actions that would escalate tension,” he said replying to a question on Indian surgical strikes on the launching pads of the terrorists along the Line of Control.

He said China hopes that both parties would properly address their differences though dialogue and consultation and deescalate tensions as soon as possible.

“Since there has been tensions between India and Pakistan, China has been in communication with both the countries to exercise restraint, enhance communication and properly resolve differences,” he said, adding that China will continue to work on the two sides for peace talks.

Yesterday before the news of India’s surgical strikes broke out, Geng had said China was in touch with India and Pakistan through different channels to bring down their tensions, urging them to properly deal with their differences and work jointly to maintain peace and security of the region.

Asked at what level China was in touch with both the countries, Geng said China maintains frequent engagement at different levels with both India and Pakistan.



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