Chile dives into Neruda’s mysterious death


Chile: Chile has announced that a fresh investigation is going to start regarding the mysterious death of Pablo Neruda.Government spokesman Francisco Ugas said there were indications that he could have been poisoned.

Tests on Neruda’s exhumed body in 2013 found no trace of poison but more will now be done. His death certificate says he died of prostate cancer.

Neruda died 12 days after the military coup that brought General Augusto Pinochet to power.

Although he was best known for his poetry, Neruda was a lifelong member of Chile’s Communist Party, a lawmaker and a former ambassador to France.

He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971.

New forensic tests on Neruda’s remains will be looking for inorganic or heavy metals to try to determine a direct or indirect cause of death, officials said.