Child Shooting Case: Forensic Team Visits Manickchowk


Malda: The forensic team visited Manickchowk’s Ramnagar village on Monday to
investigate into the case in which a 3-year-old boy sustained bullet injuries as a
result of clash over the Panchayat board set-up.

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Two residents of Jharkhand were arrested on Sunday in this case. The forensic team
visited Panchayat member Putul Mondal’s house and its adjoining areas and collected
samples for investigation. They spoke to Putul Mondal and family members.

The forensic officials said that the samples collected will be sent to laboratory
for examination which will help in solving the case. The report will take 10 to 15
days to come.

The team also spoke to the doctor who is presently treating the seriously-injured
boy. Additional police super of the district Dipak Sarkar said, “The investigation
on the incident in on. The forensic team is investigating to find out the mystery
behind the gunshot.”

BJP candidate Putul Mondal had gave her support to the TMC candidate during the
Panchayat Board set-up. It is being alleged that due to this reason, the goons
fired shot at her 3-year-old son’s head. He is presently under treatment at the
Malda Medical College. His condition is stable though not out of danger.