‘ChiChi App’ to End Bra Confusion for Women


Tokyo: Japanese developers have invented an app which they claim can find a woman’s perfect bra size simply by placing their phone in their cleavage.

The app called ChiChi, which is Japanese for breast, has been created for women who do not have time to visit a lingerie fitter.

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All the user has to do is place a smartphone fitted with the app between their breasts and wait for the reading which will tell her the cup size she needs.

According to the developers, four out of five women around the world either do not know their cup size or get it wrong when buying bras.’
The website tells women to, ‘Place your smartphone between your breasts and you’ll find out your cup size.’

A camera and sensor in the app are responsible for the measurements. ChiChi is currently recruiting women to road-test it and fine tune the app with a number of volunteers.

But women who apply have to give their cup size upfront to take part in the testing and asks women who are E cup size and above in particular to volunteer as they want women who are ‘confident in the chest.’

‘The age of putting a smartphone between one’s breasts is upon us,’ reads ChiChi’s site.

The app will go on sale by the middle of January.

One feminist group in Japan has already condemned the device as ‘being something designed by men that women will have to pay for even though they don’t really need it.

‘A woman can tell instinctively if a bra fits her or not.

‘That is why you don’t see reports from doctors around the world about women complaining of chafing, itching or discomfort from “wrong” bra sizes.

Source: Daily Mail