Chewing reduces germs: Study


London: Consider your wish has been granted. Here’s something you would totally love to tell your parents the next time they ask you stop the annoying habit of chewing gums.

Researchers at the University of Groningen in Netherland have found that just 10 minutes of gum chewing can remove 100 million bacteria from mouth.

After about 30 seconds of chewing, the gum starts to lose its flossiness, and traps a good amount of germs which have been seen as evidence under scanning-electron-microscopy.

 “Trapped bacteria were clearly visualised in chewed gum using scanning-electron-microscopy,” researchers said in the paper published in the journal PLOS ONE.

In another experiment with three human volunteers who used 5 cm of floss wire, researchers have found that the mechanical process removes a large number of bacteria than chewing a single gum for 10 minutes.

Chewing, however, does not necessarily remove bacteria from the same sites as brushing or flossing, therefore its results may be noticeable on a more long-term than those of brushing or flossing.