Cheetah Injures a Tea Worker In Jalpaiguri

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Jalpaiguri: Cheetah Injures a tea worker in Jalpaiguri’s Karlavalley tea garden on Friday. The severely injured tea worker’s name is known as Bunu Munda(35). He stays in Tea garden’s Ukilpara area. He is admitted in Jalpaiguri’s district hospital. He has critical injury marks in his face and body.

Due to the cheetah attack, panic spread across the tea garden causing workers to stop working. The tea garden authority ordered the workers to leave the area. Forest department reaches the area. According to local sources, Bunu was working as per his daily schedule. He was picking leaves at garden’s no.25 estate. He heard the sound of cheetah coming from downwards from the garden. When he bent down to look at the location of the cheetah, the cheetah pounced on him. He had a fight with the cheetah.

Finally the Cheetah left him and went away, the coworkers went and rescued Bunu and took him to Jalpaiguri district hospital. Tea Garden’s worker, Raju Sahani said, The news of cheetah attack instantly caused fear in and around the tea garden. In fear and panic all the workers leave the garden and return to their houses. To catch the cheetah they summoned Forest department. The forest department reached the spot on getting news regarding the attack. They are preparing a cage to catch the cheetah.