Cheetah bhi ‘aata’ hai at Chikkamaguluru!


Chikkamagaluru: In a ceratin rush of incidents, a leopard was seen to have entered into the premises of a private school in Chikkamagaluru. The leopard in currently locked inside a room. Forest Department staff have put a cage at the door and a team of veterinarians with tranquilizers are arriving from Shivamogga.

The leopard was spotted early in the morning at Kadur club premises in the heart of the city. Later it moved to TMS School. A person, who spotted the animal near the club, suffered minor injuries as it pounced on him in the morning.

Later the animal moved into school premises and entered one of the rooms. A forest official also suffered injuries when the animal caught his hand as he tried to close a window of the room.

The school management has declared holiday. As the news of the leopard entering TMS School premises spread, hundreds of people have gathered around the school. The police are busy managing the mob.